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Is my wedding date available?

This question is very important, we like to make sure that date is opened. 

Have you done events at my ceremony or reception location before? If not, are you familiar with the sites?

If we have not designed at this particular location we will like to do a location view to give the client a full custom detail of what our team will create for their venue. 

Are you available to do a venue walk-through before the wedding date? If so, do you charge a fee for this?

We love to do a  "Selmat location view", we need to see the details of the venue meet the onsite coordinator, find out were we can park our trucks and learn the do's and don'ts for the venue.  We also become very familiar with the floor plans to execute our décor. At each location we become very familiar with the venue policies and location details this will also give us a view of how we can turn the venue into our décor master piece.

Will you be doing my arrangements yourself or would it be another florist?

Why would someone ask this question you say! Well some clients had a bad experience with other florist or a coordinator that said they did the flowers and actually a florist designed them.  Every floral arrangement, event décor, photos etc. are custom designed by Selmat Design only.  We are the event decorators and the floral designers.  Every aspect of your wedding/event is custom design by  Selmat Design.

How far in advance of the wedding will you create the bouquets and arrangements, and how are they stored?

Every year we are blessed with couples that need a florist FAST.  We've been hired as late as two day's before there wedding or on  the day of.  Nothing is impossible for us to make it happen even in at short notice.  This is what we are trained for!  For the couples that plan early we can take more time to customize every detail for your wedding such as menu cards, table name, etc. which are designed weeks in advance. The flowers are ordered  months in advance prep and designed the week of the wedding.


What is your favorite flower(s)?

This question is very important.  You may not like flowers and or like specific flowers that are not in season, we need to no that crucial information.  More important  you or your fiancé may have an allergy, the floral questions are very detailed and very necessary.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Yes we do.  We take special time and care of our flowers the flowers are packed and delivered in special vehicles to make sure everything arrives perfect. 

Do you have an extra charge for the setup and breakdown of the floral décor?

There is a fee only if we need to return to pick up our linens or any rental items.  There will be a charge for the set up which is added onto your contract.  We only charge an extra fee for the breakdown if needed. 

How long do you need to set up?

Each venue has a different time to set up. Some locations only allow 30 min. This is a question you can ask the venue coordinator so you can make a decisions on how much decorations you would like to have. 

What time will you arrive to deliver personal flowers and set up the ceremony and reception arrangements?

We prefer to arrive very early but most venues only allow you to arrive 30 min early.  We will work with the venue so do not worry about this it's our job to make sure we coordinate the time.

Is there an extra fee if I need you to stay throughout the ceremony to move arrangements to the reception site?

If we need to leave Selmat Fantasy Team for the floral turnover then yes there is a fee for this service.

How far in advance do I need to secure your services?

We normally like for the couple to contact us ASAP or several months in advance.  We always welcome any bride and groom with a wedding that's in a few weeks.

How much is the deposit and when is it due?

This depends on the total on your contract.

When is the final payment due?

One month before your wedding.  All flowers are ordered early and supplies are ordered several weeks in advance.

Can we pick up our flowers?




Do you require a minimum floral budget?

We require a floral budget defiantly. BUT! we understand that most couples do not have a budget . This will help you to focus on the expense of your flowers, linen rental etc.


Do you offer specific packages or is everything customized?

Yes! Every wedding/event is customized just for you.  After your consultation we will customize a package with our rental items included in your floral decorating package.  View our packages on our website rental page you just might find something perfect for your special day.


How would you describe your design style? (e.g. traditional, modern, rustic, organic)

Most people are not sure of what style wedding they want so this will help us to help you select which style wedding that complements you and your fiancé.

Which flowers would you recommend based on the time of year/season, color palette, and budget?

This is your wedding day and we are here to help you complement your wedding with our beautiful flowers and give you advise.  We will help you select the perfect flowers for the season, color theme and provide you with advise about your budget.

Are you able to provide organic, pesticide-free, or sustainably grown flower varieties?

Absolutely!  We will need lots of time for us to go to our growers and make sure everything is ordered weeks in advance.

What other décor elements can you provide (aisle runner, table tops, candelabras, votive, mirrors, etc.)?

Are these rental items? 

Yes! we provide rental items from the linens, chair caps,chair covers, table setting and table tops decor' etc.  

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