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Selmat design is a widely recognized as an exclusive floral, and event décor company.  Providing full customized floral arrangements, beautiful table linens and chair covers or caps, table top decorations and full event setup decorations designed for your wedding or corporate events. We are conveniently located in Cheverly Maryland.  Since 1993, Selmat Design has enjoyed serving the Greater Washington region and has been uniquely acknowledged as one of the foremost and sought after floral and event services firm. 

Selmat Design also known as Nate`'s Unique Bridal Service which consolidated the business in 2009, Our shop is family-owned and operated. Primary mission is to create exclusive master pieces that are custom designed just for your special event no matter the occasion.  As the President, head floral designer of Selmat Design, this mission has been my greatest passion for over 31 years myself and our design (Fantasy) team look forward to serving your needs. 



My name is Natè (pronounced Nay-tay) I am a licensed floral designer and a graduated from Preston bailey Lovegevity's Wedding Floral Design Institute.  I am the Selmat of all Designs!  So a little about ME!  I love watching the Hallmark fall and Christmas shows, love cooking, and create a new floral design every day.  "It's my WEAKNESS!  I love watching the snow fall, its so peaceful and the world is quite. A hot cup of tea helps me create my new magic for my next event.  I'm not your basic floral designer, when you walk into my studio I make your experience MAGICAL. I will walk you both through the details of your event and teach you about the flowers you so passionately love to have in your wedding and start the magical process of planning every detail of your wedding.  It's important to me that every couple knows that this special day is for you...  I will listen to every detail and make sure it's all about you. My eyes get watery when a bride blushes when she talks about her fiancé and visualize her wedding day.  What I love the most about what I do is seeing my bride smile at me and say "You nailed it Nate`"  I have to admit sometimes I have a private moment not showing my tears and high five my team.  This is why I work hard for you....  

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